Friday, January 25, 2013


Just before preparing to record, I'm listening to an EP called Hatch by Guy Harries. Guy is an electronica artist/flautist and this is a small collection of beautifully-crafted songs that manage to combine a sense of threatening with theatrical, almost musical-like melodies. Minor keys are stretched to discordant boundaries; ambient sounds try to interrupt and distract but Guy's powerful vocal weaves a strong thread throughout each song, supported in places by his flute-playing, sometimes layered and sometimes playing arpeggios.
I have always had a horror of tootling instruments (an angry little sister repeated overblowing her recorder in fury and frustration is responsible for this) but Guy's flute playing is fluid, subtle and gentle.
I like all of the songs here, but Cradle My Heart is my fave, blending as it does deep electronic sounds and an emotional vocal performance that would have Sinatra sobbing into his Martini!
Take a listen:

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