Monday, December 03, 2012

Rrrants at the Camden Eye

It was a great night out at the Camden Eye: the Rrrants events are always interesting. I can take or leave the smut (leave it, preferably, as I had it all and more drilled into my head over seven years of touring with guys both in my bands and with King Kurt) but I absolutely adored Lobby Ludd's set which made me guffaw like a penguin choking on an Arctic Roll, especially when his fabulous musical instrument made of shop dummy's arms, a trumpet, a microphone stand and a shower hose emitted a pathetic squeak when he tried to play it. The smut, I have to say, is extremely popular with the punters, but I suspect that they haven't had the same level of immersion as I have! The Anti-Poet were well on form, Jennie Joy sang beautifully and the banjo player was excellent. This was a charity gig and the Horns agreed to do it to put poetry books into school libraries, so here we are (photographed by Martin) deciding on a set list. Martin filmed some of the songs on his iPhone and I'll put them on Youtube when he sends them to me.
Last up was the Sentimentals, who featured what can only be described as a 'show-off' between Paul Eccentric and Den Hegarty from The Darts, all wrapped up in some truly lush doo-wop harmonies that were frankly terrifying in their accuracy and precision. My favourite song was 'Two Heads' but they did some catchy numbers and were promoting their Christmas single which I'll have a listen to when I have decided whether my dinner (in the oven) is so past its sell by date that it is poisonous, or not.
Den is a consummate showman, but Paul challenged him for the crown last night, not least by holding the whole evening together with his master of ceremising. I was so glad that I stayed to see them because they were really entertaining and exceptionally well rehearsed, showing just what a good double bass player Ian is. Thanks to the Horns for some brilliant playing, and to Donna and Ian for inviting us to play.

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