Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Tree

I've just bought a Christmas tree, I just couldn't resist it. It had to be skinny to fit in the little house.
'Is it heavy?', I asked the man.
'Use a shopping trolley', he suggested.
So I clanked home, snagging the knitted white Christmas tree shroud on every single privet hedge all the way home.
I am conscientious, so I had to take the trolley back to the supermarket. I lobbed the tree into the house, and the trolley took off across the road as soon as it lost its load, clanging and bouncing and ending up on its side in the middle of the road that was, thankfully, empty.
It's got the lights on it now and I'll decorate it tomorrow. It smells perfect.

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Anonymous said...

I do miss the smell of a real tree - we stopped buying one when the dog got a pine needle lodged in its paw. We haven't had a dog since 1997, but sommehow haven't gone back to having a real tree. Ah well .....