Sunday, November 04, 2012

That's Enough D.I.Y. For One D.A.Y.

The drill has been put away in its hutch, the screws have been rounded up by the screwdog and they are safely back in their pen.
There is now a curtain rail over the back door, with a curtain hanging from it that looks amazingly Proper.
I have worked out that most DIY jobs take ten days at least, over a two month period; six days to think and worry about whether you'll be able to do it, two days of not having the correct materials, and two days to work yourself up to bother/get the drill out and overcome drill-fear/imagine what it will look like when it's finished.
The actual job takes ten minutes, or thirty if you're out-of-condition and need a cup of tea in between screwing in the screws.
The house is warmer, and will be warmer still after I've implemented phases two and three: the draught-proof strip that will have to hold out the wind even though the back door is bent like a Rolf Harris wobble-board frozen halfway through Sun Arise (In The Morning), and the curtain rail over the front door, with its added complexity of the curtain having no curtain tape.
I deeply dislike sewing, and there is bound to be a delay during which I wonder whether my budget will be able to stretch to a curtain with built-in tape. This will probably take at least a month, so the whole rigmarole will start again in the middle of December.

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B&Q Ltd Whetstone said...

So do you know how to use an Electric Drill/Screwdriver safely! & who taught you, it could'nt have been the College/University Lecturer!