Saturday, November 03, 2012

Snap, Crackle, Pop

Didn't fancy the Boy Scouts Fireworks in Finchley, didn't fancy the Southgate extravaganza, so its an indoor impression with no visuals. Wheee-snap, wheee-crackle, wheee-pop, with the central heating wheezing away in the background.
Today I got fined £65 for stopping in a box junction on my way back from Club Artyfartle last Sunday. But I am undaunted. It remains a brilliant afternoon, in spite of the fun-tax demand!
So I sat for the third weekend working on the miniscule research budget and got it just right... then pressed a key on the computer, deleted the lot and had to start again. It's going off on Wednesday and that will be an end to it!
It's been a bit of a nothing day, but sometimes you need a day like that to unwind with a guitar or two, a cup of tea and a slice of pear and almond tart. I have been playing the Martin and the Telecaster; it's the UEL Songlab at 93 Feet East on Wednesday, then I'm playing some songs before The Daintees come on at the Hertford Corn Exchange on Thursday and then of course it's the Borderline gig on Friday, with Mir, Helen and the Horns and the Daintees.
Busy week: I'll be getting some kip in in advance!

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