Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lucy O'Brien's She-Bop, Third Edition

Lucy O'Brien's fabulous book, She-Bop, has just come out in a third and revised edition. This is an essential and comprehensive book and it's the first place I go to for information about female pop and rock artists from The Blues right up to the present day.
Lucy's writing style is readable and truthful: she's not a star-worshipper but she gives credit where it is due. She has a natural rapport with the women she speaks to, not only because she's a woman, but also because she is a musician and has been in bands. That makes a massive difference in the way people speak to you in interviews.
If you haven't got a copy, go out and get one straight away whether you're a straightforward music fan of either/any gender, a nerdy fact-gatherer or a woman in need of affirmation that the creative talent pool is swimming with inspiring people of whatever gender humanity throws at us, which includes a massive contribution from women musicians!
Jawbone Press: try to buy from an alternative to Amazon if possible due to their tax-avoidance scam.

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