Sunday, October 14, 2012

Two Books at a Time

In the small hoose there is little room for books so some of them live at work. I buy most of them second hand from eBay and recently I've developed a bad habit, fuelled partly from enthusiasm for ideas and new perspectives; I buy books twice because I forget that I bought one three or our months ago because it's either at home or a work (delete that which doesn't apply). These are not the sort of books that anyone else might want as they are usually to do with some sort of lateral thinking process, yet I can't really throw them away or give them away because I don't think anyone else would want them.
I'm contemplating bringing all my books home and literally lining the walls with them to insulate the small hoose from the winter cold and provide reading matter at the same time. Then I could take the duplicate books to the free book shop just around the corner from Waterstones (must be a thorn in the side!) for lateral-thinking yummy mummies and their Offsprogs-in-a-pushchair to peruse in Starbucks on a weekday afternoon. As I pass by on the way to the music shop, I'll glance through the window at a Boden-clad beauty with her nose in Christopher Small's  'Music, Society, Education' while her Offsproglet wails in vain for attention, its muffin toppling soggily on the floor beside mummy's designer satchel. Or perhaps the Offsproglet will be lolling there riveted by the copy of 'The Audience and it's Landscape' that mummy has wedged into its pushchair, poor teddy weeping inconsolably in a rejected heap under a mountain-bike style buggy wheel.
Such joy could be brought to Barnet if I rectify my double bookings....
That sounds like a plan!

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A Book Thief said...

If i want any books i just get them from the library, and keep them!