Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tea with Dubulah

Dubulah has been in town to play some Dub Colossus gigs which have gone very well; I missed them unforchly due to working hell-for-leather but we decided to take tea together at Foyle's Cafe.
Wedged between laptop-wielding trendies and a couple of formally suited businessmen who shone out like lightbulbs with their incongruity, we talked politics and Protools, fretboards and foreign climes, until it was time to go home and beat the rush hour.
When Martin is in town, when Dubulah is in town... what wonderful guitar adventures might happen!
January, perhaps.
This evening I did an interview with Jonathan for his blog, which focuses on Voiceprint artists- here's his blog . We talked about blogging and I told him about the blogs that I read- Frayed-at-the-edge, Circles of Rain, lots of them. When I got to Leaf-pile Jonathan was even more interested, because he collects children's books
6 a.m. start tomorrow; time for the land of nod!

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