Sunday, October 21, 2012

Solo CD Releases

Just thought I would list the releases out there: any of these are £12.00 including postage and packing; to use Paypal, just put a message to say which CD you'd like and use the same button as you would for Voxpop Puella.

(apart from The best of The Chefs which can be ordered from

Helen McCookerybook CDs

2006 Suburban Pastoral Label: Big Song
Tracks: Dreaming of You, Temptation, Heaven Avenue, Don't Know Why, Colour My Day, London, Hill of Fools, Songbird, Running Away, Swan, Hymn to Kent, Once in a Blue Moon, Britannia Great, The Word is, Goodbye
(guest musicians including The Horns, Lester Square, BJ Cole)

2008 Poetry and Rhyme Label: Barbaraville
Tracks: A New Day, January in Paris, Poetry and Rhyme, The Properties of Chalk and Sun, Butterfly, A New Day, I Feel It, Rock'n'Romance, Screaming, Sulkworm, Memento Mori, Dreaming of Narcissus
(guest musicians including Martin Stephenson, Gina Birch and Elle Osborne)

2010 Take One Label: Barbaraville
Tracks: Daisies, The House on the Hill, The Song of the Landsman's Soul, She Will Fly, Little England, Two Little Girls and Me, New Year's Eve, Gotta Have a Heart, Three Maple Men, The Song of the Unsung Heroine

2012: Voxpop Puella Label: Barbaraville
Tracks: One Cell Wonder, Sugarstuff, Hermit Crab, A Husband So Handsome, Brittletwist, Watching Myseif, Paradise, Saygudbye

(2008 Hamilton Square with Martin Stephenson: Hamilton Square, Black Eyed Rose, Glasgow Train, Making Love, Loverman, Stansted Ground, Love on the Wind, Sweet Saviour, Apple Tree Song, My Heart Beats a Song for You, Autumn Love, Can't Fool Love; 2012 Cafe of Tiny Kindnesses with Martin Stephenson: beachwalk, Cafe of Tiny Kindnesses, Steal You Away, Mandy Rose, Mr and Mrs Songsmith, Gaudi's Garden, Samba Blue, All Systems Go!, Sunny and Blue; 2012 The Best of The Chefs, Damaged Goods; 2012)

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