Friday, October 19, 2012

Nother Friday Post

There's nothing on telly. I have left Eastenders in the front room to shout to itself for a while. It doesn't need me: it can survive perfectly well on its own without anyone to watch or listen.
Here is a pic of the box of CDs- wahey! I'm numbering them and signing them. there will be no number 13 unless someone specifically asks for it.
A sample track is here
And also.. Helen and the Horns support The Daintees at The Borderline in London on Friday 9th November. Reverbnation won't let me add the gig to the list for some reason.
Chocolate time. I'm off!

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"Dirty" Den (watts) said...

Re. Eastenders. They had an Eastenders "Open-Day" over at Borehamwood Studios the other year. & It's all made of wood! (Albert Square)