Monday, October 08, 2012

Club Artyfartle

I'm sitting here doing a poster for Club Artyfartle, a delightful afternoon planned for Sunday 28th October at the much-feted Hangover Lounge at the Lexington on Pentonville Road.
Acton Bell and myself are running the do, which will feature guest artists Lucie Sieger and Magnetic Paul (all four of us will be playing brand new songs unplugged) and special guest speaker Professor Joan Ashworth from the Royal College of Art who will be demonstrating the art of solargraphs and showing some of them. 
If I have time to finish him I will bring Guy Forks along too.

After a rest from the fumey pen, it's now finished and I'll scan it tomorrow after I've lugged the printer in.
Have I got four new songs? At a pinch although one of them will have temporary lyrics, I think.
The idea of Club Artyfartle is to have people who don't play that often in London airing their new songs to a small and perfectly formed audience with friendly ears and open minds.
There has only been one event before this, at the much-missed Perseverance in Marylebone, where Acton Bell, Viv Albertine and Martin Stephenson joined me in music and Gina Birch did a presentation on Birchbags, felted bags made in a unique and funny style that she later exhibited properly.

It will be free to get in although we will be passing round a hopeful hat.

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