Monday, September 10, 2012


I have just embarked on some new research, which is going to be hugely energising. I interviewed a really interesting person this morning and have just bumped into another potential interviewee in the local supermarket, of all places.
During the summer, I plundered the University library's giveaway outdated books bin and found some really interesting books about different industries which will be useful (and a nice hardback copy of Hornblower).
My Amazon purchases are going astray more often than not, and I'm thinking of giving up on them. they are good about refunds but it's starting to feel like a waste of time. Is there a big library of stolen books somewhere?
Offsprog Two is due back from Bestival today. Food is in the oven and I have bought some new clothes washing liquid as the mode of the day is not to wash during the festival. The toothpaste is sulking and the soap has gone off in a huff, but I've told them that they will be loved again, later today.
TTFN, friends and anonymonitors!

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