Tuesday, September 11, 2012

From the Punkbrighton Website


This is a hilarious letter about the late Dick Damage, whom we all adored. It is the best description about the way punk worked that I've read for a long time!

Hi, just been pointed at the website - brings back so many memories, can't wait to get hold of a Dick Damage t-shirt. Like most musicians in Brighton in those days, I played with him once. I was under a car I was helping a friend fix when I saw a pair of DMs attached to those yellow and black striped jeans he used to wear. The voice said "You got a keyboard? Fancy doing a gig tonight at The Richmond?"
This was Dick Damage's D-Vision - voice, guitar, bass, two drum machines (not synched together in any way) and, for one night only, me on keys - basically just noise, really, as there'd been no rehearsal and the guitar player was shouting the chords at me, but it was hard to hear because he was wearing a dog mask. At one point Damage poured Swarfega over his head. Then in the second set he tried to crowd-surf, but the audience parted like the Red Sea - and the Richmond stage was pretty high up!

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