Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bruce Lacey at Camden Arts Centre

Hopped on an 82 bus to Finchley Road to catch this wonderful exhibition, which I've been wanting to go to all summer- especially on a Sunday when the robots are automated. One of them did a little dance even on a cold sunny Tuesday as I stood in front of it, its battered pink leg rising elegantly to one side and back.
The exhibition is only on until September the 16th and it's free to get in.
I loved the pillarbox dress with a self-coloured red embroidered crown on it! People of all shapes and sizes are made out of rubbish, and there are dressing up clothes galore, and stories about researching and inventing rituals; sometimes the robots are sinister, sometimes funny, and sometimes sad. Bruce Lacey worked with Spike Milligan, Ivor Cutler and myriad other sane madmen.
On the way back I did something else I'd been meaning to do for ages: this is a photograph of the Olympic Garden in High Barnet Tube Station car park. It's a trifle overgrown now but still beautiful, especially in its glorious green-fingered conception.
There is something pure and invigorating in an Art Day that blows life's bullies away into insignificance.
Art rules!!!

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