Friday, August 10, 2012


Listening to Zap Mama
Mika has come out as gay. What a surprise.
Coincidences... mentioned Runhild Gammelsaeter at a meeting this morning then was cold-called by Mojo (offering me a smorgasbord of male interest magazines what-a-surprise) but got into conversation with the call centre chap about Doom music (of which Runhild is an exponent) and then while deleting nearly 2,000 spam emails from an account I'm going to be using again, there was the name of a student who had done her thesis on Norwegian heavy metal...)
Read some interesting documentary treatments and a study on the position of women in the physical sciences (no, not fnurr, fnurr- it's a serious and very interesting document)
Threw away my dinner as it had gone off, but had already eaten half of it
Took my car to the MOT station at 7.45 after three hours sleep
Had enough of the Olympics
Did a bit of singing
Talked about academic things with a colleague
Decided I have to start from scratch with an academic paper that I'm writing
Now there's a TV programme about disco. I think I have discovered something new about punk, but that's not exactly inventing the wheel.

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