Tuesday, July 17, 2012

From Tweet to Blog

A brilliant review of Martin's Darwen gig has moved from the land of Twitter to a blog http://paper.li/mecoboy
I have been taking Twitter lessons from Andy Cairns; I am still at elementary level, in the kindergarten of the twittersphere, but I see a light at the end of the receiver. I think.

I shall be reviewing California Star, and CDs by Gary Stewart, Kirsty Macleod and Miriam Campbell very shortly an my once-yearly blogreview review thing. That'll be a change in listening from French swing electronica!

Sorry about the short postings: I have spent most of today sitting at the kitchen table thinking about survival, songwriting and shoes (rain or sun: what to wear?) or watching TV (TwentyTwelve: genius, spooky how the writer guessed what was going to happen before it did. Second sight?)

Tomorrow, an excursion: I'll tell you when I get back!

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