Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Another Yellow Jacket Day

At the crack of dawn, I bade farewell to Martin at Luton, and drove back through Harpenden and St Albans in the rain before picking up Don Letts' book 'Culture Clash' which I'd ordered from Amazon alongside Vivienne Goldman's book 'The Black Chord'. When will I read them? the house is stuffed with students at the moment, eating pizza and chocolate mousse. They are going out tonight, and something tells me that they will be back incredibly late and will sleep most of tomorrow. That's my time gap: a cup of coffee and a pile of toast, feet up on the sofa, glasses on nose and the switch of rain in the street outside. I am trying to knock an academic paper into shape. It's more of a one woman show at the moment, featuring as it does the dulcet tones of Margaret Thatcher and Poly Styrene hand-in-hand, and clips of The Raincoats segueing into Toots and the Maytals. I brought Dick Hebdige's 'Cut and Mix' and Wendy Webster's 'Not A Man To Match Her', which is a fantastic diatribe against the Thatch, very cleverly put together and rather a romp. So I shall spend the rest of the week writing and re-writing, apart from going to see Offsprog One's Art Show (details here tomorrow!).


Thomas Maltby said...

Oh Hi, I'm glad, don letts managed to get book out he was on a southern report as well. Yours Tommy Maltby "Wrist "Action"

Thomas Maltby said...

Hi I got a movie for you to watch it's by Jerzy Kawalelerowicz namel "Mother of the Angels" ( Matka Joanna od Aniolow "Mother of the Angels " is the translation