Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gigs this Weekend

Tomorrow I am supporting Martin at the bijou Eyre Chapel in 'leaning spire' Chesterfield. It is a lovely little venue and the gig as been organised as usual by David Lelievre, and is one of the best regular gigs of the year.
Next night we are at The Keys in Huddersfield, another really special venue run by Andrew and Tina where part of the deal is a pie and pea supper (yum yum, just try to keep me away!). I will be barging my way through All Systems Go! regardless of mistakes. Just thought I'd warn you!
The Barbaraville badges will be on sale, just one spondulick each, and Spanish Paul has had special t-shirts printed up for the gig at The Keys, two of which are going to be raffled for charity.
Got to pick the PA up from Camel Humpstead, then the Martin from Luton then M1 here we come!

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Monty said...

If you saw a "Hitch Hiker" on the Motorway on your travels would you stop to pick him/her up!