Friday, April 13, 2012

The Union Chapel

What a beautiful venue. The dressing room is bigger than my house! The Daintees are setting up and Martin and myself are in the dressing room drinking tea with Lou's mum, Olive. The Green Hoddess is out tonight, sulking a little bit. The set lists are written out... Ready to go!
Helen and the Horns onstage 7.45
The Daintees 8.30


foolish girl said...

Helen, have a great gig, I'm gutted I can't be therr, got a bloody exam on Monday and other stuff going down so need to get revising big time. See you in Letchworth though, Love to you and Msrtin. I had a listen to Boat to Bolivia today, so I'm with you in spirit. Love and hugs Sandie xxx

foolish girl said...

sorry about the spelling!