Sunday, April 15, 2012

St George's Church, Brighton

I have some great pics of the band sitting downstairs in the caff (closed for the evening): John glueing his guitar (or was it the rhinestones on his shirt?), Lou relaxing, Martin changing his strings, Kate iPadding. It looks like activity time at primary school, the absorbtion in the tasks.
It is a beautiful little church with a lovely atmosphere; soundchecks took a while so Willie ordered pizzas and we carpeted our stomachs before diving into the gig with ease in spite of tiredness. It is brilliant to be met with a sea of smiles when you get up there (although there was a very serious man at the front). Offsprog One came, so did Kim, and over there were Jonathan (once the Chefs manager) and his partner Jill, and Bongo Pete, photographer extraordinaire, with his partner Lisa. And Terri and Graham, whose wedding was celebrated with a Daintees concert, and A and S, and Richard, and Jane and and and....

By now, The Daintees are totally into the groove. A Piece of the Cake was song of the night, and there were some very funny moments: no-one could find the light controls to dim them for Rain, and the onstage child who Martin chose to play along to one of the songs was completely charming with his cap of shining red hair and his willingness to copy everything that Martin did, from thwacking Kate's cymbal with his hand to doing the end-of-song bounce...
More later- we are getting ready to go to Oxford!

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