Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Sage

We have just arrived at The Sage; the gear is all loaded in on trolleys. Rock-looking chaps in black polo shirts are putting mic stands together and plugging in multicore. Willy the tour manager has made us tea in tour Winnie the Pooh mugs.
Last nights gig at King Tuts was brilliant. Because these are Agency gigs, they have been advertised and Daintees fans have flooded out from woodwork that had forgotten it was there. Tut's was packed with people; the Starlets went down a storm (must buy a CD!) with their witty and almost Kletzmerish sound. It was hard to follow such a good band but the crowd were smiley and I really enjoyed the spot. And the Daintees... Well, after two days if rehearsal they were on top form. The audience sang along to all of the songs: it was like being at a very affectionate party. Mike, June and their daughter Laura are coming to every gig to do the Cds and I spotted one or two regulars in the crowd, but lots of people weren't Glasgow gig regulars. Martin was excellent, full of energy and wit. I joined them for a version of 24 Hours and then at the end we did a walkabout version of Salutation Road before they got a well deserved encore. When they finally left the stage there was a huge and loving cheer from the crowd, a bunch if very happy bunnies.

Just around the corner, The Monochrome Set were playing at The Stereo, but unfortunately they were on at the same time- we are all fans and wanted to take in their show. They are off to Germany, and here we are in Gateshead in a dressing room fullof guitars and Doritos.
Roll on tonight's show!

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