Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Practicalities and Impracticalities of Home Recording

So... replace the vocals on some of the electronica tracks from Voxpop Puella. I loaded the backing tracks on to my computer a while ago. As I tried to fire them up again, the computer said 'No', for some of them and not for others. I was sure this was to do with the sample rate but couldn't find the area in preferences to alter it, and I'm now working on trial and error.
I've done one of them; I realised that since these were live songs, I have to stand up and think myself into an audience situation even though I'm in the front room and the sun has just come out and I want to run out and play!
Irritating things happen- tangles of leads, just like my knitting wool last night as I tried to knit in three colours. Hunger. So I am cooking lunch but it has burned because I was interested in what I was doing and forgot about it. The headphones keep slipping off my head because I washed my hair last night and it is slippery. And the vocals for this next one, well they are incredibly quiet for no apparent reason. I have changed the battery in the microphone, farted about with the volume controls, delved about in preferences...
The computer is going to sleep for a while; it needs a rest and I am going to wash the potatoes.

Actually, it's exciting to revisit this stuff again and I have another song-cycle to revive. I have just contacted Mediashack to get a template for the artwork; I will do a short run of 100 to sell at gigs.
D-I-Y, here I come (again!)

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