Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Liverpool, 2

Last nights gig was a blinder. The O2 is a sticky floor gig nut it brought something rocky or of the band (and me!). The sound guy had amazing ears: the onstage sound was as clear as a bell and what the audience heard was too. The Duantees played their longest set yet as there was s later curfew and near the end Martin called me up and we latex 'Hamilton Square' which we write after s trip to the selfsame place in Birkenhead. We wrote it over the phone: Martin said 'that sound lloked the name of a song' so I started writing it and szn g it to him over the blower. Five minutes later he phoned back with the bridge, and Bob's yer uncle. We had a song.
Just like at the other venues so far, the audience wax incredibly warm. I wax watching one chap ehi never stopped grinning the whole way through. His teeth must have been very dry when he hot home. And when we did the walkabout people wanted a chat with Martin and we kept backing up behind him- so funny!
At the end of the evening Lsura presented us with a box of cupcakes which we took back to the hotel and gobbled up during our post-gig slump on the Ibis sofas.
Roll on Salford tonight!

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