Sunday, April 08, 2012


Amazing to watch the Daintees at Leeds Variety Theatre, home of 'The Good Old Days'; just as way back when the audience would sing along with those old music-hall songs at the behest of Leonard Sachs, the Daintees audience are singing along lustily. The band have got to 'Look Down, Look Down'. They are playing amazingly again tonight. There was the most beautiful version of 'Slow Loving'. I have been at the side of the stage but now I'm in the basement dressing room watching and listening on a little telly thing. Listen to the audience clapping! Time for Boat to Bolivia. Then I'll go ip and get the little ukelele ready for the 'Salutation Road' walkabout. This is such fun! The sound guy is dub-mixing away, the audiences heads are bobbing, Martins skanking Johns bubbling, Kate's skatschhhing on the drums and Lou'd loping from note to note on the bass. The dressing room is decorated with chocolates, bananas and dead dip selections. Touring!

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