Monday, March 26, 2012


Absolutely the best I have ever heard Viv or Gina play; the audience was sparse as we were clashing with Jah Wobble and The Stranglers at other Manchester venues but those who came along (Cazz included) seemed mighty impressed. I have not seen Viv play since the Damned tour and she played with the angry commitment of.. well, a proper punk actually. The performance was obviously completely cathartic for her, but what also impressed me was her guitar playing skills, which are now second to none (all you rockstar guys with your copycat licks, watch out!) and probably for the first time, the lyrics were crystal clear thanks to Chris's sound engineering skills. Gina has also sharpened up her act immeasurably-very different music to Viv's because she is an experimenter: I loved her pop vocoder/autotune track and also her song inspired by the riots. Offsprog One did sterling work as a DJ playing Northern Soul between our sets, Martin MC'd with aplomb and Liz, bless her cotton socks, sold CDs for us. I don't think I have ever sold so many CDs at a gig before. Thank you to all who came along to support us, someone even making the journey from Leicester! It was much appreciated. Now, I am knackered and permanently in the shape of 'person-sitting-in-car-and-driving-long distance'!

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foolish girl said...

Sounds like I missed a good did you wear the jacket?