Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lofty Thoughts

Dusty up there: but I emerged with lots of lost DAT tapes of old music, and a clutch of Chefs and Helen and the Horns vinyl that I will bring along on Saturday to the gig at Hyde. And that's where all the MIDI leads went to.
I need a three week lock-in to sort all this stuff out. So much I had forgotten! Old school's songwriting projects, the song cycle called Herms that I did before Voxpop Puella, slides of gigantic drawings in pen on graph paper.
The City and Hackney Carers' songwriting CD arrived this morning. It is lovely: of course if we had had more time we might have been able to polish it more, but would we have had the stamina and the patience? Probably not, although I have resolved to get hold of an electronic metronome for rehearsals next time!

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