Thursday, March 08, 2012

Chinese Cream Crackers

I used to buy every nice tin that I saw, and the poor Offsprogs used to eat all sorts of odd biscuity things. I resisted this because it is huge and there was no way I was going to eat my way through them all before they went soft and stale. I threw away most of the printed tins I had collected over the years when I moved house although the odd one managed to escape when I wasn't looking.
This is the first night off I've had for ages. Normally when I'm in I am writing lectures. I am listening to the album Poetry and Rhyme to see if I can remember the lyrics for the tour in April. I have found lots of songs that I have never released, and I probably have another album if I tweak some of the lyrics a bit and work out what the weirdo chords are.
There are three humungously high piles of books on the floor; I've been raiding Amazon for second hand copies of all the academic books I needed (all my lectures have been ten years out of date- no, not really!). Now what do I do with them? I have read so much since January that words are literally spilling out of my ears and I have to collect them and stuff them back into the books they have crept out of. Little black caterpillars, wriggling around disobediently.
The house is alive with sneaking tins, scattered words, empty teacups, lounging guitars and Thompson and Morgan flower catalogues (they seem to be sending one a day at the moment, all full of Titchmarsh's choices. Once I recorded an entire Gardener's World, which I was going to orchestrate and make into a musical. I still have it one day and yes... I'll do it!).
There is no chocolate, however.

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