Monday, February 20, 2012


Tomorrow I shall purchase Girls by the Moments and Whatnauts.
"The ones that aren't so good-looking, they're the ones that do the best cookin'."
Ha ha! Eat your heart out, Gangsta Rappers!
Also on  my shopping list is Led Zeppelin's Lemon Song and Some Girls by the Rolling Stones.
A shopping list of offensive songs jus in case I need 'em.
The guitarist from Joby and the Hooligans (who had been in a relationship with a man before we got together) used to sing Girls to one of the lesbian women at the Resource Centre where we used to print posters for our gigs upstairs from The Vault in Brighton, in an attempt to wind her up.
It completely backfired.
Is this what is called being at the forefront of the sexual revolution?


Wilky of St Albans said...

also check out 'On again' by Jake Thackray. As with all his stuff, it's a beautifful crafted song, but the subject matter is dubious (but of it's time)

Helen McCookerybook said...

Will do Wilky.
I remember Judge Dread's awful stuff; in fact I have some on vinyl somewhere.

Mick Jagger said...

The 1st Rolling Stones LP i ever bought was "EMOTIONAL RESCUE"