Sunday, January 29, 2012

Silly David Lammy

David Lammy has been a fantastic politician, representing Tottenham where he grew up, and being faithful to his constituents.
What is this I read? That he thinks smacking children will stop them growing up to become rioters?
Pull the other one, David.
Hitting children is violence. If big mum or big dad thwacks you as a child when they don't like what you do, they are teaching you to be violent when things don't go your way.
And how are teachers at school supposed to discipline children who are disciplined by being assaulted at home?
It is very hard to be an adult and not hit your children, to explain what they have done wrong, and in extreme cases to stop their pocket money (they really don't like that).
Throughout my childrens' school life, I have been aware of parents both black and white, both working class and middle class, hitting their children to alleviate their feelings of anger and frustration at their behaviour. It isn't something that has gone out of vogue, believe me!
In fact, I would hazard a guess that the young summer rioters of London probably experience more violence in their homes rather than less.
Shut up, David, please.

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