Friday, January 27, 2012

Bits Day

Strangely unfulfilling at the time, bits days save on stress further down the line. You go thorough the lists of things you should do, picking off a few while the washing machine is working. You sweep the emails, answering the ones you have been putting aside for later (ten days later, sometimes). You clear floorspace, and what's more, clean up the dust from underneath the stuff you have moved.
You listen to the Zombies and a bit of Aretha Franklin, but not much reggae because on a day when you are doing the housework you suddenly start noticing sexist lyrics (hence only a bit of Aretha Franklin).
You eat a fraction of a chocolate bar, remembering the genius move of leaving half a bar in the fridge to great you when you got back from a long rail journey (but you do know you are going to eat the rest of it later anyway). You survey the ever-increasing bags under your eyes, and say a thankful prayer (aha, yes, Aretha), that usually you don't have any time to look in the mirror and notice.
You think about phoning friends and wonder if you still have any.
You also sit and post something on the blog to avoid the very large pile of bits...
of paper
of bills
of bags of stuff
of pens
of shoes
...  and a green peg (?)
still left in the middle of the floor to be sorted out.

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