Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Tree

Was just deciding that this year it's not worth getting one (kids left home).
So I have just walked home carrying a five-foot fattie, heavy as hell and prickly as a teasel, getting weaker by the second and resting it on walls and my knees.
A woman in a car that passed me had a jolly smile when she saw my festive burden.
Then for some reason I had a surge of strength and was ready to josh with the pole-sorting scaffolder who was suffering from the cold, just as I got to the doorstep.


Anonymous said...

I would do without a lot of things, before I would do without my tree (even if I had to make a pretendy one!)

Helen McCookerybook said...

Well, exactly! Plus they haven't really left home. I am the washing machine, the bath, the storage facility, the food in the fridge and the portable advice device.
I think I deserve my tree!