Saturday, November 19, 2011


Even more noise for my neighbours: the mystery of the silent trumpet has been solved thanks to the chaps at Liberty Hall Music who turned the valves round so they were in the right direction.
I tried to play some notes.
A giant who had eaten nothing but tins of beans and cabbage for six weeks farted into a massive tin lavatory, no matter which note I tried to play FPPPPPHHT! FFFFPPPPHHHHT!
That's my aim of the week- to play a note that sounds like a note!


Anonymous said...

This is my third attempt to leave a comment!! If I want to seriously annoy my horrible neighbour, will you come and make these noises under his window!!

Helen McCookerybook said...

Yes of course- just wait till I make the horrible noises on purpose rather than by accident!

pG said...

Less Trumpet Voluntary, more Involuntary atm?