Wednesday, November 09, 2011


It's a trumpet, in that box; it won't make a sound at the moment so I'll have to take it to the trumpet doctor for some tender loving care. It's a beautiful fellow, a little on the battle-scarred side but all the more loveable for it!
It sits amongst the book-piles on the floor awaiting repair, looking shyly up a the guitar propped on the chair and at the strident piano that inhabits most of the room, waiting for the day when it can add its voice to the home cacophony.


Monty said...

Does a trumpet use a "reed" or is that just woodwind instruments!
I was put-off from playing any instruments other than guitars because i did'nt know how to tune-them!


Dear Helen I'm currently on the Look-out for "Saxophonists" i have a couple of "Trumpeters" and a "Bugle" player but what i really is a "Trombone" player!

Helen McCookerybook said...

Monty, I like to have comments but please could you just put only one under each posting?
It's beginning to put me off posting anything at all.
Thank you!

Helen McCookerybook said...

Another thought- your comments are humorous- why not start your won blog?

frayedattheedge said...

Well, I would never have guessed a trumpet! My son played first clarinet and then saxophone when he was at school, but didn't keep it up when exams and uni got in the way.

Helen McCookerybook said...

I've always secretly hankered after one, Anne, but I haven't got enough puff to get a peep out of it yet!