Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Hefty Moan

Martin has just sent me a DVD made by Sean at Newcastle's Echo Films, featuring a track each by Gina Birch, Pauline, Murray, myself and Viv Albertine (in that order). It reminded me what a fab night that was, one of the best things in 2011.

I have had to go for a very long walk today. Naturally I am on strike, along with a lot of other people, and I can't bear to watch TV and see more vox pop interviews with people saying 'It's OUR taxes pay for THEIR jobs and pensions.'
One third of my pay goes on paying tax, dumdums- for YOUR state pensions, your kids education, your use of the NHS and many other things. My vehicle tax pays for your roads (you use them more than I do, probably). I educate your kids, patiently and thoroughly; I often listen to them complaining about you, actually. And I contribute 6% of what I earn (which is well below the tax credit threshold) towards my own pension fund, the provision of which was one of the reasons I took my stressful and sometimes exhausting job in the first place.
Sorry about the rant; it's the coincidence of the strike with the horrible George Osborne showcasing his fiscal experiments with an eye on making a buck after he leaves politics in the USA. The more right-wing he appears to be, the more likely it is that he will be able to set himself up a nice little earner across the pond.
That nasty little pink smirky mouth reminds me of a pug's bottom.

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Anonymous said...

At last! something to cheer me up! I was picketing today and marching in Manchester. I have blogged about my experience of both here:

I have also posted up on my blog an edited version of the letter I sent to my M.P explaining why I chose to strike today. You can read that here:

I get the impression from media reports (even the nice ones) that most people don't seem to give a shit, but we at least met some nice people today who thought we were doing the right thing. Feel free to pass on the urls if you are so inclined... I was going to send them to the Guardian but I am feeling too knackered and slightly depressed now.