Monday, October 03, 2011

St Bernard, Radiators, Oh, A Lot Of Stuff!

It's been one of those weekends that seems to have lasted a week! We journeyed to Newcastle on Saturday after Martin's recording session at The Premises, noting a sea of cars on the hard shoulder along the way with radiator problems due to the unseasonably hot and humid weather.
On the way up I photographed this hilarious sight- a huge St Bernard in the sidecar of a motorbike. 'Wait a minute', said its owner, 'He hasn't got his helmet on yet'.
I thought the guy was joking and went to the loo, only to return to find the whole cafe in stitches, having just seen them drive off with the dog actually wearing its own crash helmet!
We made it most of the way up the A1 and then joined the gang of stranded cars on a terrifying stretch of motorway until we managed to limp to the junction of the A68, where we waited up a farm track for AA Relay and for Jim Hornsby to come and collect us to take us to Tynemouth for Martin's gig with him.

Martin changed his strings by the side of the road.
Thankfully, Mike and June transported him to Glasgow (thank you Mike and June!) and the car is following him via the AA, back to Ross-shire.
The gig was a roaring success; Jim is an extremely talented guitarist and his accompaniments were spot on, complimenting what Martin played beautifully. I hope they do some recording together because they both make each other play to the fullest extent of their ability.
On Sunday I went to Leeds, where Offsprog Two is at the Art College. It is a proper old-fashioned Art College and it looks like they have been having a really enjoyable time making big flimsy paper things in huge white rooms and filming them.
Art, I love you!
Back home late last night, I have been playing guitar and thinking about recording another album myself.
Martin has given me a computer (mine is on its last legs), which I am using this very minute. I am massively grateful and will be altering my art website a bit over the next few weeks as well as using Logic Audio to write some pop!

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