Sunday, September 18, 2011

Some Film of The Daintees (sorry about distortion)

Thanks to Peter Chrisp for the photo below; we were having a lovely time and I enjoyed it so much that I added an extra verse to Footsteps at my Door, which was rather a surprise for The Horns.
After spending about an hour trying to extract some video footage of Martin and the Daintees at the Jazz Cafe from my iPhone, I am ready to chuck it in the lavvy! I have had to go to my old knackered computer whose software is mercifully out of date and have finally managed to download my footage of a couple of Martin's songs, via a program in this computer. I have bent poor Martin's ear as he heads for his gig in Rothesay tonight and filled the living room with angry steam and expletives.
However, it was a brilliant gig- so energetic! Martin's fans are so loyal; they were singing along and bouncing and afterwards we sold loads of CDs for him. I will let you enjoy these songs as they are. The venue was packed to the gills at the atmosphere was electric.

As for us, we had a great time (I have some audio which I will try to post somehow but the PC upstairs, PC Plod, says there's nothing on the memory card: I will send it back to you Wilky if you could send your address and maybe you could take a look on your recording device?) and we are seriously considering doing more gigs in future. Thanks to Martin's crowd for being so warm and welcoming; and shouts to Ali and Donald for their short but very sweet set!


Anonymous said...

Hi Helen
It certainly was a great evening and lovely to finally meet you!

I have some pics and video of you and your horns which I will forward as soon as I can get them off my phone.

Take care
Andy Cairns

Helen McCookerybook said...

It was lovely to meet you too Andy- look forward to the pics and videos! Thank you.

foolish girl said...

Hi Helen
I had a geat time on Friday, nice to see you, you looked fantastic. I made the mistake of going to the loo and couldn't get back down the front..still it was a very enjoyable evening.
I have posted a couple of pics on My (waste of)Space.
Thanks again for inviting was nice to have a good old chat with Tessa too, Much love xx