Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Song Doesn't Have To Be Long

When I work with people who are writing songs I find that it is common for them to write long, long songs whose impact disappears as they get deeper and deeper into the song; by about verse 27 they have lost the listener altogether. I asked Offsprog One to make a little pop video of the shortest song in the world and I nipped down to Brighton today to do it with her. She is going to make an edited version of it for me to use in the studio, which I will post here when it is done. Meanwhile, here is the raw material, just for a laugh.
I took her for lunch at a snazzy place called Bill's and I ate so much that I am having to bend backwards to be comfortable, then we went and sat on the stones on the beach and watched the sea for a while. The sky was as blue as... well, the sky, and the sea was a lovely translucent turquoise colour. It was hard to come back; Barnet's OK, but even on a sunny day it's rather grey-looking.
I noticed that the Nazi dress shop has closed. Good riddance. But Brighton is still chock full of nutty shops- there is a shop that sells everyday groceries, and Hip-Hop clothing. Bless.

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