Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Yesterday was a very musicky day. In the morning, I photocopied and posted the trumpet parts to Stephen, who will be playing with Helen and the Horns at the Jazz Cafe gig on 16th September where we support the Daintees. I spent the afternoon with a very interesting song writer, seeing if I could help with her lyrics; it will be an exciting thing to do and I hope it works out well! It is so interesting learning the way that another musician works.
I am puzzling away at a guitar part for a song that has been in the pipeline for a couple of weeks and I did a bit more puzzling before watching Martin's Stageit show, which was being broadcast from the little cafe in Strathpeffer in Ross-shire. Strathpeffer is a cute Victorian town that boasts a venue that the Beatles played shortly after they became mega-famous (they honoured their live contracts), and looks a bit like a fairy-tale village.
It was a really good gig, with Martin on top form and accompanied by Henry Fosbrooke on drums. Martin's guitar playing really sparkled; the netcast sound was really perfect and he played a lot of my favourites including Nairn Beach as the audience instant-chattered along beside the screen. I think I'll do another kitchen-cast soon.
While I was watching and listening, six noisy teenagers were next door eating pizza (apart from one who is observing Ramadan). I will miss the bustle when Offsprog Two leaves on Friday. I wonder if I will spend my empty days baking and getting fat?

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