Thursday, August 25, 2011

Musicker Cafe

I'm off to Bute tomorrow for a gig at the Musicker Cafe in Rothesay, which I'm really looking forward to.
I bought a new cowgirl dress (well, a new old one) but I am too fat to get into it! A normal dress and cowboy boots will have to do.
Next night, Stephenson's Rocketts have a private gig and I need to practice playing Rockin' Girl tonight.
It's all go- seems like ages since I've played and the fingers had rusted over a bit but I've rubbed 'em with WD40 and they are OK again now.
I am getting rather sick of beans on toast, which I have eaten every night since Offsprog Two left home. Upon my return I will have to devise 'simple meals for one' that don't involve eggs, which are monstrous things and ought to be exported wholesale to Mars, as far as I am concerned.
Right, where's that guitar?

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