Saturday, August 13, 2011

Leeds and Back in a Day

Early this morn, the two Offsprogs and myself loaded an unfeasibly large quantity of boxes, bags and a trunk into the boot of the car and heaved ourselves up the M1 to Leeds, where Offsprog Two will shortly be studying. We unpacked, and folded ourselves back into the car, stopping off at Otterton to pick up a 20 pence machine that Offsprog One bought off eBay for her art show in September.
It didn't speak much, just lying with its head poked over the back seat, wondering what its new home would be like. It's here in the front room, standing to attention and waiting to be filled with interesting objects d'art, all priced at 20 pence.
'I'm tired', chorused the teenage Offsprogs; I rolled my eyes and didn't mention the almost 400 miles I have driven (or not much!).

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