Friday, August 19, 2011

The Caller Knows You Are Waiting

I have been on phone duty today at the University of the East during clearing, talking to prospective students and drinking tea from a huge and dangerous urn that needed to be tipped up to get the hot water out of it. It was busy, noisy, and calls of ''Someone answer that phone!", punctured the murmurs of hundreds of staff and the trills of hundreds of phones.
On my way home on the Docklands Railway at three, I suddenly realised that there was a young fellow coming in for an interview at 3.30. I got off the train, crossed over the platform and went back again.
I was glad I did, because he was a very interesting chap.
So now I am home, toasting the evening with a bottle of Dandelion and Burdock and sniffing some beautiful flowers that Martin sent me; Offsprog Two headed north this morning, catching the train by the skin of her teeth. She has left her pencils at home, and I'll post them to her tomorrow morning.
It is unnaturally quiet. Later, I will go and remove the empty wine and spirit bottles from their hiding places in her room.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the peace and quiet!!

Ian Murphy said...

Off to a Calamity Jane singalong at the Edinburgh Filmhouse, and so I dug out my old vinyl copy of Footsteps at my Door b/w Secret Love. I have all of my Helen & The Horns records on iTunes now, and still enjoy them.