Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Cafe Gig on Bute

The gig at the Musicker Cafe on Bute is sold out, according to Martin- that's exciting!
I think we will be doing some song writing workshops the next day, before a private rockabilly gig with Stephenson's Rocketts at Loch Lomond.
Meanwhile I am urgently looking for a venue to debut some new Helen and the Horns material next year.
And it's hot...
I am just about to start to finish (!?!) the album with Martin The Cafe of Tiny Kindnesses, a lot of which I haven't heard for a year owing to having misplaced the CD with the demos on a while ago. Nothing like listening to music with fresh ears.
Plus I think I have been eBay scammed but music first, scammer-sorting second.
We have booked an Albertine/Birch/McCookerybook gig in Norwich and would like to do one in London with Pauline Murray too this autumn.

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Anonymous said...

It would be great if you can persuade Pauline Murray down to London - can't wait already!!