Thursday, July 07, 2011

Spews of the Worms

I hope it goes down and stays down- by that I mean, no Sun on Sunday, end of tabloids, end of Murdoch.
My father-in-law (ex) when he was still alive was a printer who was locked out by News International in what was called the Print Strike. It was not a strike, the printers were locked out, but it was called a strike because... Rupert Murdoch owned most of the newspapers, and he censored anything that explained the true situation (does anyone remember the blank white columns?).
I have never read/liked the Sun or the News of the World but the men of almost a whole family lost their jobs in one fell swoop. We went on a family march, only to be charged at by mounted police in crash helmets with truncheons, and my mother in law and myself would have been crushed under the galloping horses' hooves had a quick-thinking person not pulled us to safety through some bent railings.
That was the first time I had ever seem the British riot police in action: it was shocking, like being in the middle of one of those films of the Russian invasion of Prague.
We are all used to seeing them now, but it was a nasty surprise to see just how violent and frightening the British Police Service (yes, it's supposed to be a service, answerable to the public, not a force) could be. And now we find they are corrupt too! What is going to happen? David Cameron is good friends with the flame-haired Rebekah, isn't he? Will they let Murdoch buy BSkyB? Is everything going to be covered up, or is everything going to be cleaned up?
Will the baddies live to see another day?


Sarah said...

I still remember those days and am not that happy that one of our TAs reads the Sun and leaves it lying around in our office. It seems so unfair that all the people on the News of the World are going to lose their jobs(although I think it should close) and that Rebekah Brookes will keep hers. Hopefully that will change and also Murdoch won't be allowed to buy BSkyB. We shall see!

foolish girl said...

I worked at a typesetters during the 'strikes', and a friends Dad worked there, never bought a paper since...and won't have SKY TV on principle...I hope they all go down too...bastards!