Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Skating Backwards

Gina had some ice skating vouchers and we skated today at the Queensway Rink: both of us were a trifle rusty (we used to go regularly about a year ago).
I watched a woman show a young man how to skate backwards, and started to have a go.
She skated over and told me how to do it... and very slowly, I began to inch backwards... and now I know how to do it!
I will have to practice, because I am so slow, and you need strong legs. But I was delighted and whizzed forwards with renewed excitement for the last five minutes of skate-time before we went off for coffee and pastries (to replace the lost calories after all that exercise!)


Anonymous said...

I only tried skating once, and that was once too much!!

Sarah said...

I feel I know how to skate backwards, but whether that is true or not I don't know! The last time I skated was in Edinburgh and I fell over and broke my camera!