Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I feel as proud as anyone could be over the achievements of the sweet sixteen- the songwriters who took a leap of faith on Friday and ended up with some pretty damn good song recordings on Monday and Tuesday. I can't wait to hear the final mixes. I feel like I have borrowed the body of a very elderly woman and at any given hour of the day I have at least one of the very catchy songs charging through my brain at a rate of knots. But tomorrow, I will have fully recovered. I miss them all already.
Hats off to The Premises Studio for dreaming up the idea!
I have been asked to do it again: thankfully, not tomorrow, but possibly in the cold wastes of January.
I'm not going to blog about what happened; that is between myself and the sixteen, the house band The Daintees (augmented by Phoebe on keyboards/piano) and our visitors Romeo, Green and Paulette.
Why not come along next time?
Photo of Helen (producer) and Jason (engineer) by Martin Stephenson

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