Sunday, July 31, 2011


Harvesting the local charity shops for books has been interesting: I was charmed by Boxy and Star (by Daren King) and loved the way it was written in thinkspeak (if there is such a word).
I have just finished The Secret History by Donna Tartt, a book I bought yesterday afternoon and couldn't put down. It's quite a horrible book, with more than a nod in the direction of Particia Highsmith, but very well-observed indeed.
I am saving Treasure Island and a Trollope that I haven't read before, The Small House at Allington for a train journey. I have managed still to enjoy Trollope, in spite of John Major liking him! I could not, however, buy The Big Issue (guest edited by David Cameron) for obvious reasons although I did give the poor Big Issue seller the money anyway, so he didn't lose out.
McMum has broken a shoulder and I am off to see her soon. I can understand an elder not wanting to use a walking-stick because it makes them look old, but her doctor has become less sympathetic as broken bones become more frequent and I am wondering what I could do to make walking sticks appear glamorous!
There is a large pile of academic books to be read too, but it's the vacation (although I seem to have been working a lot) and they will have to wait until the run-up to the new term.
I shall spend the rest of the afternoon looking at the tiny olives on the olive bush and wondering if they will ever turn into big olives.....

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Mister Roy said...

We got our aged parent to adopt a Leki stick - they ARE cool as they're for mountain walking and come in lots of cool designs & are adjustable - just stick a rubber ferrule on the end for pavement use and you're away.