Tuesday, July 05, 2011

More Writing Experience

At the weekend I finished an article for this:
And today I went librarying, which is a bit like blackberrying but without the eating fruit at the end.
I interviewed Tessa Pollitt and Gina Birch again a couple of months ago for the paper at the University of the East's Music, Politics and Agency Symposium; now I'm making it into a formal essay.
I am also writing some exercises to do at a song writing course this coming weekend. It lasts for 5 days and seemed quite daunting but now I'm looking forward to it. The guest song writers are Romeo from the Magic Numbers and Green Gartside, and John and Kate from the Daintees will be the rhythm section for the final recording, with Martin coming in on guitar one of the days as well. My job is to make sure that all sixteen aspiring song writers leave with something they are proud of....
There are book towers in the front room, all high enough to leave a little floorspace but no so high that they topple over. I am a drawer and musicker rather than a writer, but Universities value writing more than anything else and so I have to do it; then I eat masses of ice cream as a reward, which almost compensates, actually.
Sometimes I think the pressures of doing things that don't come naturally mean that by the time I get a chance to draw something or write a song, I'm like a pressure cooker that someone has let the steam out of:


Lucy O'Brien said...

Hello Helen,

You ARE a writer. You're a songwriter. I think that kind of writing comes from the same part of the brain as 'normal' writing. It's an urge to express, to define, to deconstruct, to explore - in words. And with songs, it's words combined with rhythm.

Though a good piece of writing combines words and rhythm anyway....


Helen McCookerybook said...

Hi Lucy! I struggle with 'normal' writing- I'm not sure of my writing personality, I think, whereas songwriting is close to my heart and I don't even have to think about it.
I admire your ability to 'flow'- i can't do that! x