Friday, July 22, 2011


I spent almost the whole afternoon drawing after McSis came to brunch.
I'm drawing more spoof sheet music with my own version of what notation should look like (I can read it perfectly and I think all the big music publishers should copy me).
I thought that I had nearly finished and then I realised that I had made a book with only one page apart from the front and back covers.
There is a solution (ain't there always if you look for one?) which I shall put into operation later today, after schlepping to Docklands to pick up some Women Out of Line books to sell at tomorrow's gig (upstairs at the Camden Eye with Viv Albertine and other woman artists) and having a cup of coffee with Lucinda Sieger, the first woman to sing live on Top of the Pops.
What does one wear on a day like that? Hmmm.....

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