Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Travelling by train, I have often admired the railside garden of wild flowers at this time of year- toadflax, rosebay willowherb, flowering nettles.
This time, the A1 was displaying swathes of beautiful colour: poppies, ox-eye daisies and yellow rape that had escaped from cultivated fields.From the car they looked like pointilliste paintings, dotted clouds of colour and white for mile upon mile.

Another quirky natural moment caught my eye in Sheffield as we sat upstairs in the pub: in the cavity  wall of a house opposite, a pair of sparrows had nested. Mr and Mrs were squeezing through a tiny crevice to feed their invisible brood. The wall, of a new-build house, looked entirely innocent until the spuggies appeared and disappeared into it, only pausing for a brief lookout when they emerged again.

Ah, the joys of nature.

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