Wednesday, June 22, 2011

They are in the wings. The headstock of a guitar poked out just mow. The crowd can sniff that they are there: they have just cheered.
The lights have turned. Blue... The house lights go down,,, YAaaaH! Shout the crowd. C C C strums the guitar
yes the sound is there
Spindly and wiry they strum their way through the first number. The baki player charges up to the drum riser, challenging the drummer to a duel
in with a bang!
What a well-rehearsed band they are, confident without being cocky.
The cello player had practically sawed his now to bits and it's only the second song. I know this one... Sorry no titles and names, Im sure someone else is tweeting them!
This band are dramatic, telling their stories with their bodies and hands as well as their voices.
Offsprig Two has locked her rellies in the house and also her key.
I will be rising at 5 to let her in.
Pop. Gping to stop blogging and watch.

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